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Why Gold?

Gold is the best asset of all time.

Physical gold is a reliable asset, and is considered as an insurance against today’s monetary turmoil.

Buying gold is an important way to preserve your purchasing power becouse it does not suffer inflation through time.

The gold is widely accepted as a form of payment worldwide and constantly increasingly in demand.

Our Services

What we offer

We offers the highest levels of service in precious metals and we deal exclusively in physical bullions.



WeGold Market collaborates with highly qualified professional teams to perform all of our sampling and testing activities that meets standards of excellence.



WeGold Market offers to recover gold with the best refining techniques of our experienced and qualified staff. With this refining operations we manufactures a widely kind of products from finished to semi-finished to supply all of our customers needs.


Buy and sell

WeGold Market serves as an intermediary between retail customers who wants selling their gold jewellery and precious metals supplies.



WeGold Market provides its customers the storage of their bullions in armored and highly secure vaults selected from among multiple locations worldwide.



WeGold Market provides its clients with efficient, safe and fast transport solutions. We can organize transportation from and to anywhere across the globe, collecting and delivering precious material.

Our Customers



Companies can protect and add gold to their assets, through a personal accumulation plan or simply by using gold as a gift or benefits for their clients.


Private Entities

In the last 20 years, financial crisis affected almost all small and medium savers, who have seen their capital squandered by banks and private management companies. Gold gives the chance to build a secure present and change your future.


Financial Advisors

Fast-track access to financial advisors. In this regard, the company makes available a privileged access with a scheduled management plan that meets every need including sub-accounts for your own clients.



WeGold Market offers its clients some institutional fast-track channels of purchase with Binding limit order, security and transparency, logistics and storage, one-to-one advising.

If you think you deserve the best services about gold market then don't hesitate!